Jason and Nick (Kenneth)

Jason Solomons with Nick Pourgourides. Image courtesy of BBC Radio London

Our founder, Nick Pourgourides, was a guest on BBC Radio London with presenter Jason Solomons to talk all things Kenneth More. Nick brought along Kenny’s 40th anniversary Variety Club silver heart to help remind the public of his immense contribution to the entertainment industry.

Listen back to the interview here. Starts at 1:44:27

With thanks to Jason Solomons.

kenneth more award

Kenneth More’s 40th anniversary Variety Club silver heart. Presented to him at a special luncheon held at the Savoy Hotel. Image courtesy of BBC Radio London



A different side to Kenneth More…

Our Founder, Nick Pourgourides, tells how surprised he was to learn how quiet Kenny was at home. With thanks to Talking Pictures TV. The interview originally aired as part of Kenneth More Day.


This week our founder, Nick Pourgourides, opens up the archives to examine some of Kenneth More’s personal items. The first of which is a silver heart award from 1955, bestowed by the Variety Club of Great Britain.

40 years later the award would reappear at a Variety Club lunch in the Lancaster Ballroom of the Savoy to celebrate Kenny’s 40 years of show business, for which he received another silver heart in special recognition.

With thanks to Talking Pictures Television for the use of the clip which showed originally as part of Kenneth More Day on July 12th 2019


Kenneth More with daughter Sarah doing the twist on board a US battleship on the set of We Joined the Navy

Kenneth More with daughter Sarah doing the twist on board a US battleship on the set of We Joined the Navy. Image courtesy of Sarah Glaister

“I am so proud to be the daughter of Kenneth More and I am also so grateful for Nick Pourgourides for promoting my father through and helping Talking Pictures TV with a day in his honour on July 12th” 

Sarah Glaister (More)

Kenneth More and Angela Douglas larking about in Sussex

Kenneth More and Angela Douglas larking about in Sussex. Image courtesy of Angela More

“Kenny is always remembered with warm happy memories of love…A Kenneth More Day is something very special to me…. A time for us all to think of him with great affection. With thanks to Talking Pictures but especially to my friend Nick Pourgourides, for all that he has done and continues to do in keeping his memory alive.

Angela More x


“Only a year ago, I was saddened to see how little presence there was for man who had given so much to the British entertainment industry and the public, over four consecutive decades. A year on, things are changing. Most importantly we have an official website, social media channels spreading the word, and press coverage building. July 12th has always been a poignant date, but at least this year it marks something positive, with Talking Pictures TV dedicating a whole day’s worth of programming in his honour. I’ve been filled with joy in meeting and receiving so many messages from people who are as fond of Kenny as I am. There’s still more to do in reminding people of his great career and there are some exciting plans afoot. Let’s keep on keeping on!” 

Nick Pourgourides, Founder of  


Christopher Timothy

Christopher Timothy

Exclusive to, acclaimed actor of stage and screen, Christopher Timothy, shares a few thoughts on Kenneth More.

On 12th August 1975, Anglia Television aired a one-off drama written by David Ambrose and adapted from a BBC radio play by Frederic Bradnum.

Directed by John Jacobs, ‘Goose with Pepper’ tells the story of retired Brigadier Salt Lumley (Kenneth More), and his shock at being confronted by his past in the form of former Sergeant-Major, CSM Goslett (played by Nigel Davenport).

This hour-long production not only starred Maria Aitken (Pat), Kenny’s wife and actress Angela Douglas (playing his daughter Sarah), Clive Morton (Sir George), but also the young and upcoming actor, Christopher Timothy (in the role of a Sergeant), who would shortly rise to fame on the BBC, playing celebrated Veterinary surgeon James Herriot, in the iconic television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

Kenny and Angela make the TV Times front cover promoting ‘Goose with Pepper’

Kenny and Angela make the TV Times front cover promoting ‘Goose with Pepper’

For Christopher Timothy, ‘Goose with Pepper’ was a chance to meet and work with one of his screen heroes, and to this day he has fond memories of the experience.

Christopher Timothy:

“Kenneth More was very much a part of my youth, a proper British film star, and in the 70’s I played a small part in a play for Anglia TV starring the great Kenneth More!

He was a star alright, without being in the least bit starry!

As well as a serious talent, he was so easy and enjoyable to work with. Charming, jolly, patient and very generous of himself.

He was a true gent and a delight, I am glad I knew him, albeit briefly.”

Actor Christopher Timothy is currently on screen in another iconic BBC’s television series, EastEnders.