Kenneth More with daughter Sarah doing the twist on board a US battleship on the set of We Joined the Navy

Kenneth More with daughter Sarah doing the twist on board a US battleship on the set of We Joined the Navy. Image courtesy of Sarah Glaister

“I am so proud to be the daughter of Kenneth More and I am also so grateful for Nick Pourgourides for promoting my father through and helping Talking Pictures TV with a day in his honour on July 12th” 

Sarah Glaister (More)

Kenneth More and Angela Douglas larking about in Sussex

Kenneth More and Angela Douglas larking about in Sussex. Image courtesy of Angela More

“Kenny is always remembered with warm happy memories of love…A Kenneth More Day is something very special to me…. A time for us all to think of him with great affection. With thanks to Talking Pictures but especially to my friend Nick Pourgourides, for all that he has done and continues to do in keeping his memory alive.

Angela More x


“Only a year ago, I was saddened to see how little presence there was for man who had given so much to the British entertainment industry and the public, over four consecutive decades. A year on, things are changing. Most importantly we have an official website, social media channels spreading the word, and press coverage building. July 12th has always been a poignant date, but at least this year it marks something positive, with Talking Pictures TV dedicating a whole day’s worth of programming in his honour. I’ve been filled with joy in meeting and receiving so many messages from people who are as fond of Kenny as I am. There’s still more to do in reminding people of his great career and there are some exciting plans afoot. Let’s keep on keeping on!” 

Nick Pourgourides, Founder of  


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British film and stage actor Kenneth More (1914 – 1982) getting ready backstage at the Shaftesbury Theatre for the play ‘Our Man Crichton’, London, UK, 7th February 1965. (Photo by Norman Potter/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

With Kenneth More Day almost upon us we delve into the Preservation Library to examine a rare item.

Angela More: “Actors makeup boxes are very personal items. Kenny always applied his own before performances. He kept it at home in his final years. To think that the last time these paints were used was by him makes it extra special to me. The cork is something actors used to apply makeup with. His was from a vintage 1943 Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottle. I never asked him what the significance of it was but assume it was from some victory at sea during the war.”

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Actor Kenneth More in a scene from “The Sweet War Man”, 1965 (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Angela More: “He loved collecting watches, clocks, basically anything that ticked! In the picture above, that was a Rolex Submariner. I remember that one on his wrist. He had a good number of timepieces. Rolex, Cartier, Piaget…”

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English actor Kenneth More (1914-1982) pictured on the set of the television drama ‘Armchair Theatre- Old Soldiers’ in 1964. (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Angela More: “In our home at Bute House I remember an antique Grandfather clock, a chronometer in a box in his study, a carriage clock on his desk…. Come to think of it, they were all over the house! It’s fair to say he was a bit of a collector.”


Kenneth More’s Piaget wristwatch. Image courtesy of daughter Sarah More

Kenny’s daughter Sarah More remembers his Piaget watch (above). “It was one my mother gave him as a present. He kept it all throughout his life. What amazed me was how paper thin it was. I still have it.”


Kenneth More’s Rolex Datejust. Image courtesy of daughter Jane More

Angela More on the story behind his Rolex DateJust: “We were in the South of France on holiday once and I sent him out to get some breakfast. He took rather a long time in returning and when he did this watch appeared. ‘You’ve completely forgotten about the food!’ I said. Seemed he had more interest in the local jewellers than the bakery!”

Godson Michael Porter remembers his love of watches too. “I remember he had a Bulova Accutron. It used a resonating tuning form to keep time….He had an unusual wrist watch he was very fond of, a half hunter. I have never seen one like it, before or since.”

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Kenneth More Day on Talking Pictures

July 12th marks the passing of dear Kenny, and in remembrance Talking Pictures will be screening a special day of programming in his honour – the full list of which has now been announced.  

Get ready for a day of classic films and some special treats from the archives!

2019 also sees anniversaries of screen classics: ‘Battle of Britain’ and ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ (celebrating 50 years), as well as ‘Northwest Frontier’ and ‘The 39 Steps’ (celebrating 60 years).


One of Kenny’s pastimes was driving his latest car. He changed it every year for a brand new model. Over time he had many of the most popular cars of the day, including a Ford Thunderbird, MG MGA, Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia, a Rolls Royce (tended to by his chauffeur, Beint), Mercedes sports coupé convertible, and even a mini.


Kenneth More with his MG MGA in the 1950’s. Source unknown

Kenneth More takes to a vintage car race. Source unknown

Kenneth More in Genevieve. Source unknown

Angela Douglas: “He loved his cars. He wasn’t the sort to tinker about under the bonnet, he just liked the pleasure of driving a great vehicle. I remember how we drove to the South of France in the Mercedes convertible one Summer. We brought with us one of the very first portable record players which we used to listen to our favourite songs on. His MG coupe was one of his personal favourites and the last he drove” (Kenny was proud to show it off to the media after purchasing it in 1970).

For The Transport Trust’s Cavalcade Of Vintage And Veteran Motorcars event on 11 May 1977, Kenny even drove a 1909 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, stopping outside his home in Notting Hill to be photographed by the press.

To the public however the only car Kenneth More will ever be associated with will be the 1905 Spyker used for the London to Brighton run in Genevieve (1953).

1905 Spyker Double Phæton by Kenneth More in the film Genevieve. Still: Wikipedia

1905 Spyker Double Phæton driven by Kenneth More in the film Genevieve. Source: Wikipedia


You asked for it, and now it’s happening! We’re proud to announce that Talking Pictures TV will be screening a very special day dedicated to Kenny on July 12, which also marks his passing. Get ready for a day of film programming and some special treats from the archives!

2019 also sees anniversaries of screen classics: ‘Battle of Britain’ and ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ (celebrating 50 years), as well as ‘Northwest Frontier’ and ‘Thirty Nine Steps’ (celebrating 60 years).