Kenneth More official headshot from the 1970's

Did you know Kenneth More was offered the role of George Banks in Mary Poppins but had to turn it down due to other commitments, or that he was descended from Sir Thomas More? Find out more in the way of trivia below.

  • Kenny performed in J.M. Barrie’s The Admirable Crichton at school, he would later play Crichton in both the screen adaptation and stage musical
  • Was awarded Best Actor at the British Film Academy Awards for his performance in Doctor in the House
  • Credited as a Director on stage for “The Angry Deep” by Anthony Higgins. The performance was held at the Theatre Royal, Brighton.
  • Acted as best man to Roger Moore at his wedding to Luisa Mattioli. Roger Moore later returned the favour of best man to Kenny at his marriage to Angela Douglas
  • Had to turn the part of George Banks in “Mary Poppins” due to other commitments. When the opportunity to star in a Disney film came around a second time, Kenny accepted, co-starring in “The Unidentified Oddball”.
  • Awarded a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the Queen’s 1970 New Year Honours
  • Had a theatre named in his honour during his lifetime (The Kenneth More Theatre in Redbridge)
  • Offered to play the role of M in Live and Let Die and donate his fee to Bernard Lee whom was recovering from a personal tragedy. Lee would ultimately end up reprising his role
  • Presented with one of show business’ highest awards in 1975 when he was guest of at a special Variety Club luncheon to celebrate 40 years in showbusiness. Douglas Bader whom Kenny portrayed in Reach for the Sky
  • Was due to play the character of Miller in The Guns of Navarone before John Davis of Rank decided not to release him from his contract. The part subsequently went to David Niven
  • Published two autobiographies, Happy Go Lucky (1959) and More or Less (1978). Kindly Leave the Stage, a book of anecdotes about theatre life was published in 1965