Kenneth More at Victoria College school in Jersey. Courtesy of Victoria College
Kenneth More at Victoria College school in Jersey. Courtesy of Victoria College

Kenny’s happiest schooling was his time at Victoria College, Jersey, where he lived with his family whilst his father, Bertie, was managing part of the Jersey Railway.

Kenny had previously suffered the isolation and misery of boarding school in Worthing, only coming to an end when he caught mumps and his sister, Kate, contracted Diphtheria.

Victoria College was the complete antithesis of his boarding school days and was full of bright, happy memories. Incidentally, Kenny performed in J.M. Barrie’s The Admirable Crichton at the school. Little did he know he would later play Crichton in both the screen adaptation and stage musical.

In later years when Kenny had become a star he made sure the college was not forgotten for the happiness it had brought him.

The first of these gifts was an oil painting. Kenny was a keen collector of art and antiques, and this portrait of King Charles I was once owned by him. He donated it to the college in 1957 where it still hangs to this day in their great hall.

King Charles I at His Trial, Wearing the Garter Ribbon by Edward Bower. Image credit Victoria College, Jersey

The second gift began in 1962 with the establishment of the annual Kenneth More Prize for Drama. The prize continues to this day and acts as a lasting legacy of his time at the school and his achievement of becoming one of Britian’s greatest stars.

Kenneth More’s school ruler
Kenneth More’s Victoria College tie

Victoria College, Jersey began in 1852, with its Preparatory School opening in 1922. Discover more on the school here: http://www.victoriacollege.je/

With thanks to Victoria College for their support.