Having fought in the Second World War and seen action on board two Royal Navy ships, HMS Aurora, and later HMS Victorious, Kenny, like many others of his generation was a great admirer of Sir Winston Churchill who had led British allied forces.

Angela More remembers how Kenny was recovering from the flu at the time Churchill’s funeral service was being televised: “he shed tears.”

Kenny had been playing on stage in Our Man Crichton as he recalls in his autobiography, ‘More or Less’:

‘On the week of Churchill’s funeral, business was very bad. People stayed away from the theatre because their thoughts were about the death of a man who had for so long symbolised so much that was fine in our country. But the show had to go on, although on the Wednesday matinée I saw I was singing this ballad to a house three-quarters empty.’

Though he never met him Churchill, Kenny kept a collection of Churchill’s memoirs (see below) and a copy of Lord Moran’s ‘Churchill: The Struggle For Survival’. He also purchased two silver coins in 1965 which were released by Royal Mint to commemorate the passing of Churchill. These items go some way in showing how much Kenny revered him.

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Kenneth More's personal collection of Churchill's official memoirs

Kenneth More’s personal collection of Churchill’s official memoirs