One of Kenny’s pastimes was driving his latest car. He changed it every year for a brand new model. Over time he had many of the most popular cars of the day, including a Ford Thunderbird, MG MGA, Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia, a Rolls Royce (tended to by his chauffeur, Beint), Mercedes sports coupé convertible, and even a mini.


Kenneth More with his MG MGA in the 1950’s. Source unknown

Kenneth More takes to a vintage car race. Source unknown

Kenneth More in Genevieve. Source unknown

Angela Douglas: “He loved his cars. He wasn’t the sort to tinker about under the bonnet, he just liked the pleasure of driving a great vehicle. I remember how we drove to the South of France in the Mercedes convertible one Summer. We brought with us one of the very first portable record players which we used to listen to our favourite songs on. His MG coupe was one of his personal favourites and the last he drove” (Kenny was proud to show it off to the media after purchasing it in 1970).

For The Transport Trust’s Cavalcade Of Vintage And Veteran Motorcars event on 11 May 1977, Kenny even drove a 1909 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, stopping outside his home in Notting Hill to be photographed by the press.

To the public however the only car Kenneth More will ever be associated with will be the 1905 Spyker used for the London to Brighton run in Genevieve (1953).

1905 Spyker Double Phæton by Kenneth More in the film Genevieve. Still: Wikipedia

1905 Spyker Double Phæton driven by Kenneth More in the film Genevieve. Source: Wikipedia