Kenneth More on set for his last film performance as Jarvis Lorry in 'A Tale of Two Cities'. Photograph taken by Angela Douglas

Kenneth More on set for his last film performance as Jarvis Lorry in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Photograph taken by and courtesy of Angela More

One of the most unique objects captured in The Kenneth More Preservation Libraryis a little-known walking cane belonging to Kenneth More and used during the filming of his final screen role, as Jarvis Lorry in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.

Sir Charles Blake Cochran (known also as C. B. Cochran), was a great impresario of British theatre, producing some of the most successful plays and musicals of the day during 1920s and 1930s. The cane originally belonged to Cochran until his passing when it was bequeathed to celebrated British actress Evelyn Laye CBE. Known to her friends as ‘Boo’, Evelyn is best remembered for her work on the London light opera stage, as well as stateside, appearing in multiple productions both on Broadway in New York and Hollywood, many of which were staged by Cochran.

Evelyn became close friends with Kenneth More and Angela Douglas during the 1960s, along with her husband Frank Lawton. Evelyn later gifted the cane to Kenny on September 20th 1969, only a few months after Frank Lawton had passed away at the age of 65.

In later life, and struggling with the onset of illness, Kenny found the cane invaluable for his balance during the filming of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, so much so it made it into the film as an actual prop for his character.

With Kenneth More’s passing the cane was donated by Angela Douglas to his beloved Garrick Club. It remains on the wall in the club’s lounge to this day.




Silver top of walking cane with the inscription: Cockie’s Cane. Kenny from “Boo”, September 20 1969. Images courtesy of The Garrick Club

Kenneth More's beloved Garrick Club

Kenneth More’s beloved Garrick Club

Walking cane images courtesy of The Garrick Club. Visit The Kenneth More Preservation Library here