Sink the Bismarck! on UK Blu-ray. Image courtesy of Eureka Entertainment

One of Kenny’s finest screen performances has been released for the first time ever on UK Blu-ray as part of the Eureka Classics range.

Alongside Golden Globe winning actress Dana Wynter (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) and a host of excellent British actors, Sink the Bismarck! is considered by many to be one of the finest British war films ever made and was the seventh most successful film released in Great Britain in 1960.

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Kenneth More and Dana Wynter in Sink the Bismarck! Image courtesy of Eureka Entertainment

Continuing his partnership with Academy Award nominated director Lewis Gilbert (Reach for the Sky, The Greengage Summer), Kenny stars as Captain Jonathan Shepard, Chief of Operations at the Admiralty in London, who leads the real-life story of the Royal Navy’s task force mission to hunt and sink Nazi Germany’s greatest battleship – the Bismarck, scourge of Atlantic shipping, which is pinned down at her anchorage in Norway. In the Spring of 1941, Bismarck makes a break for freedom and the safety of air cover from the Luftwaffe with devastating consequences.

Based on the book The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck by C. S. Forester (Horatio Hornblower, The African Queen), and receiving great acclaim for its authenticity and nail-biting combat sequences upon release, Sink the Bismarck! features actual combat footage, as well as real-life cruiser HMS Belfast (now preserved in London), utilised for filming to depict the Royal Navy warships involved in Bismarck’s pursuit.

With a 1080p presentation on Blu-ray, stereo and original mono options, and a brand new and exclusive interview with film historian Sheldon Hall, this is the definitive UK release of a British screen classic.

Sink the Bismarck! is out now. Click here to order.

Artwork and film images are courtesy of Eureka Entertainment.

Kenneth More in Sink the Bismarck! Images courtesy of Eureka Entertainment

“a first-rate film re-creation of a thrilling historical event” – Variety

“this fine film fully captures the tensions, dangers and complexities of battle” – Radio Times

“a viewer could not ask for greater authenticity.” – The New York Times


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