Kenneth More and Angela Douglas

Kenneth More and Angela. Image courtesy of Angela More

In the first of a series of articles focusing on digitised items from The Kenneth More Preservation Library, Angela Douglas tells the story surrounding a very special treasure.

“This book is very personal to me. Not so much the story, but the memory attached to it. Winnie the Pooh was one of Kenny’s favourite books growing up and he kept a copy all throughout his adult life. One day by chance we happened to talk on the subject and I replied somewhat timidly how I had never read the story. ‘What? It’s a must!’ Kenny replied. ‘We have to get that corrected!’

Not that long after a copy was presented to me and I have had it with me ever since!

“No “Shrimp” can ever go through life without having discovered Pooh, Piglet and co…”

Kenneth More

We had got together the previous year and our love for each other was instantaneous. It had nothing to do with who he was. In fact I remember saying to him ‘you could be Joe Bloggs for all I care!’ He laughed, ‘I am Joe Bloggs!’ From that moment forward this was the name which he chose to sign off cards and mementos to me. You will see that from his dedication in this book. It’s the first time it has been seen by the public.”




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