In an exclusive article for KennethMore.com, Kenny’s daughter Sarah Glaister shares some personal memories of her father.

Kenneth More and daughter Sarah at home in Queen's Gate

Kenneth More and daughter Sarah at home in Princes Gate

“The address was Kingston House North in Princes Gate opposite Hyde Park – Flat 8. We lived here from when I was 2 years old to when my mother and father (Kenneth More) separated in 1963. I remember how the study was lined with books, his encyclopedia Britannica’s proudly on display together with his volumes on Churchill. Behind his chair was his tropical fish aquarium which he loved.

Kenneth More's personal collection of Churchill's official memoirs

Kenneth More’s personal collection of Churchill’s official memoirs

The Greengage Summer. Susannah York (left) looks on with Elizabeth Dear and Sarah playing with their dolls. Image courtesy of Sarah Glaister
Kenneth More and daughter Sarah at the family home, Wargrave

Kenneth More and daughter Sarah at the family home in Wargrave. Image courtesy of Sarah Glaister

I have many memories of my father when I was young and my parents were together. I think one of my favourites was when he was filming The Greengage Summer (aka Loss of Innocence (1961), because I went on location with my mother and father to France during production. I loved all the children in the film, especially Elizabeth Dear who became my friend during filming.

I was always in the car whilst they were on set, and if they were actually filming I used to hide on the floor in the back so they wouldn’t see me!

I visited film sets often over these years, but this one in particular is the one I remember the most. I must have been about 7 years old.”

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