Kenny and Angela at Bute House

Kenneth More and Angela Douglas at Bute House

Author, journalist and actress, Angela Douglas, was married to Kenneth More from 1968 until his passing in 1982. Here she shares her memories of Kenny behind the camera.

Pastimes: “Golf. Driving his car. Which he  always bought new and changed every year. His last was an MG. In the past he had so many, from a Rolls to a mini. Listening to Mahler…..reading. Mostly about the American Civil War….”

Hobbies: “He had a good collection of watches (Rolex, Cartier) and he loved antique clocks…He had lots of cufflinks…He enjoyed good wine…and it had to be French. He had an extensive collection of books on Churchill…”

Personal items: “St Christopher’s medal which used to belong to British actress and friend Kay Kendall(Genevieve)…A gold bracelet he wore which he bought for himself on a whim. A signet ring with an antique shank and an Amethyst stone. It was sent to Germany to have Kenny’s family crest engraved on it. It was my wedding present to him. I wore it for years after he died. Both are now with his daughter Sarah.”

Sense of style: “Immaculately neurotically ‘clean and tidy’.”

Favourite book: “’Get Yamamoto. His treasure from his childhood was a copy of ‘Winnie the Pooh’.”

Favourite saying: “’This too will pass’” and “don’t let anyone get too close to you…they’ll only let you down’.  Sounds so cynical and unlike him.”

A few of his favourite London spots: Kew Gardens…we often went there…and always had a delicious tea at The Maids of Honour. His favourite place to lunch was The Garrick Club.”

A sweet tooth: “Loved peppermint dark chocolate with white filling, liquorice and Pontefract cakes. He also liked Fullers White walnut cake, and his favourite was Battenburg cake.”

Traits: “Very generous to young actors….if he thought they didn’t have any money he would find a way to slip £20 into a pocket or two…Always first to pick up the bill in a restaurant.”

Handy man?: “He always mowed the lawn and would clean the gutters periodically, but that was as good as it got. One morning in bed Kenny looked up and noticed some damp on the ceiling. ‘Shrimp: we will have to move!’ He exclaimed!”

With thanks to A Gentleman’s Jotter for this exclusive extract from Remembering Kenneth More. You can follow Angela Douglas on Twitter here. Her debut novel, Josephine, is out now